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Don’t forget: Be Bold, Take Risks

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 7:25 am

This morning, I read a great post by Andy Rutledge about Risk. Things haven't been too smooth lately, but this bit of encouragement set me on the right track again. It helped me realize once again that, without risk, there is no greatness. Those who set out to build empires and succeed take risks. Those who aim for the very best take risks. Those who set out to make a difference take risks.

"For designers, for business, just as for nations, risk is the essential component to great success." - Andy Rutledge.

Andy created a series of Desktop Wallpapers based on the article. Risktakers stand out and achieve great success. Take a look at every successful company that has shaped our world today (Google, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). The question you should be asking is: What do you want to be noticed for?

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2009 Roundup & New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2009 at 5:52 am

Well, it's that time of the year again where we all stop and think about the stuff we'd like to accomplish in the upcoming year. Looking back to December 31, 2008, I was madly excited about the year and the amount of things I was going to achieve. Unfortunately, things didn't turn out the way I would have liked them to (even though 2008 itself was great!).

Not to give an excuse for only completing 20% of the 2009 to-do list, but College work was harder this year than any other semester, period. Any normal person would've gone mad while going through the things I did. I hated it with all my guys, but now it's all good - and I love it!

2010 will be a very interesting part of my life as I am graduating in June, and the rest of the year will be dedicated to job hunting and working... full time (whoah!). Getting through the final semester will be a pain in the ass FOR SURE. A friend of mine went through it and has now graduated. I will be following his footsteps in no time.

I am also thankful for having travelled to Israel this year and seeing family members I haven't seen since I was a baby. It was a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Unfortunately, I wanted to travel to another location in the world (goal was 2 for 2009) but it didn't happen.

This year, I am going to make 2 resolution lists instead of one, simply because some things take priority over others. The 1st list contain all of the important developmental things I will set out to achieve. The 2nd list will list things that I should always be keeping in mind, like going to sleep on time instead of writing blog posts 5:30 in the morning!

Here are some of the things that will be on the lists:

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A little taste of a stress-free vacation

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 4:23 am

On Saturday, I stepped out of the classroom where I took my last final exam of the semester. It was a feeling that I couldn't quite grasp right away, but now that it has sunk in, it's pure bliss. This was quite frankly the hardest and the most stress-inducing semester yet.

The fact that I am graduating after next semester (June '10) makes things extremely exciting! Regardless of the amount of classes I am taking come this January, nothing can surpass the amount of work and sleepless nights I just went through. Here are the classes I took:

  1. Advanced Web Animation (Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Web Animation)
  2. Advanced Web Strategies (Web strategy, marketing, a bit of JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
  3. Advertising Design II (Concepts, concepts, and more concepts)
  4. Design Internship (Interning at an Interactive Design/Development agency)
  5. Art History (Prehistoric to Gothic)
  6. Macroeconomics (Economy, supply & demand, economic conditions, business)

90% of the people who see this list call me crazy, and I don't blame them. I don't regret anything one bit. I learned and achieved more this semester than ever before. It's funny how all the best work happens right as you're about to finish your degree.

I learned invaluable skills in Flash, and gained amazing portfolio pieces from Advertising Design II. The Design Internship allowed me to work on projects for Fortune 500 companies, and so forth. More after the jump...

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Buying Time with a Credit Card

Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2009 at 9:26 pm

A friend and I were talking about how busy we were with finding jobs and finishing college, when he mentioned buying time with a Credit Card. I thought to myself, "that would be absolutely fantastic! ...or would it?"

Imagine what life would be like if time could be charged on credit. Some would have tons of time to do anything, while others would be falling behind on everything - all depending on their credit scores. Those will good credit history (aka productive time management) could buy more time to do whatever they wished.

Let's be real for a minute and consider what "buying time" is really like in the world of flesh and blood. You're probably thinking it all depends on what you need time for. Certainly, finding time to acquire a Master's degree is different from getting an extra hour or two of sleep at night. To me, time is something we mold and sculpt to fit our lifestyles. We each have different likes, dislikes, ambitions, and plans for the future - including exactly how we're going to get there.

How do you price time and at what cost do you buy it? I heavily invest into my future. For better or for worse, I don't rush things and take things very easily. I often fall behind on accomplishing things, because of... you guessed it... time. I have plans to take over the world, but I just can't afford the time, you know? Maybe I should up the credit line on my credit card.

Moral of the day: Time is responsible for our past, present and future. Befriend him and learn to play nice. Find your style of how you buy and spend time, get comfy, and set some goals.

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Reasons for using Twitter

Posted on Thursday, August 6th, 2009 at 11:38 am

Follow me on Twitter!By now, you have probably heard all you think you need to know about Twitter, and you either love it, or hate it. There are a million and one ways of approaching and using a service like Twitter. Some of the obvious ones are:

  1. Staying in touch and up to date the minute with your friends
  2. Following big-time celebrities like Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Al Gore, Britney Spears, and you name 'em!
  3. Keeping up with the news way faster than traditional print and TV media (ie; Iran Elections).

What I'm trying to get at is that Twitter is a lot more than what the average person thinks it is. It is not only a social networking service, but a tool for business, professional networking, resource mining, and virtually endless knowledge.

Since I am in the Graphic and Web Design field, I will be talking about its relationship with Twitter and all of its benefits. More after the jump...

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Friendly Reminder: Back up your data, NOW

Posted on Saturday, June 6th, 2009 at 12:21 am

Everyone knows how important it is to constantly back up your data. For whatever reasons, people still fail to do so, and when their computers start blowing smoke through their holes, it's already too late.

Working in the design world, file backup is probably the single most important maintenence rule. You ALWAYS want to keep backups of your files, documents, photos, videos, music, and so forth. If you're running a Windows machine, you should be taking note with extra care as Windows machines are more prone to viruses (and other infections).

External Hard Drive are extremely cheap these days! There's no reason why you shouldn't invest in something that can save you hundreds of hours, depression, and tears. Do the right thing and get into the habit of backing up often. There are tons of solutions available out there that will automate this process for you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis - your choice.

Side note: If you're one of those people that has a million different files and folders scattered on your desktop and around the computer, you need to learn a big lesson. Organizing your files will not only make your backup-process much easier, but you will feel less cluttered when everything is easily accessible.

Windows Backup sofware, Click here!
Mac Backup software, Click here!

If these solutions are not suitable for you, a simple Google search (or a search) will help you out.

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MacHeist App Bundle – An offer you cannot refuse

Posted on Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 at 3:09 am

MacHeist Bundle 2009

In a little under 20 hours from the time this post was published, your chance to get your hands on this amazing app bundle will be up. First thing's first, click the link below to view the MacHeist page with ALL the information.

View the MacHeist Bundle information, and buy it!

Yes, I have purchased this myself and strongly believe that it's steal, not the mention that 25% of every sale's proceeds goes to a charity of your choice. Whether you're a designer, blogger, an online show host, or an advocate of all things cool, in this package you will find something that greatly impresses you.

For $39, it's probably the best investment I have ever made! Well, what are you waiting for? Check it out already!

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Getting in shape with Iron Gym, and more

Posted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 at 10:05 pm

iron-gymA little over a week ago, I got my hands on one of those Iron Gyms. This thing has literally been all over TV media for the longest time, and a couple of my friends have already tried it - and love it! I figured it was about time I tried a cheap solution to get back in shape since getting a gym membership is not an option. So far so good.

The Iron Gym can help you with pullups (duh), pushups, dips, situps, and however else you can get creative (I claim no responsibility for giving you any ideas!). Every time I walk in and out of my room, or just walk by, I do a few pullups and maybe some leg raises to help out the extra belly junk. It's a pretty good visual queue that gets increases your overall activity around the house.

Right now, it's too early to see results, but I definitely feel the progress. I've been eating a lot healthier, paying attention to what and when I eat. Also, drinking a lot more water and avoiding random meals and midnight snacks has been a top priority.

Eat out has been something I've been doing way too much. At times, it's inevitable because of my day-to-day schedule, but I've been learning to manage pretty well. I can see a little smile coming from the corner of my wallet, and it's getting bigger. Now I just have to keep this up for a good month, and it's all smooth sailing from there. Wish me luck!

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Why should you buy a Netbook?

Posted on Sunday, March 29th, 2009 at 1:31 am

acer-aspire-one-netbookThroughout the past few months, Netbooks have been on the rise. There are more companies manufacturing Netbooks than one could have imagined a year ago from today. Acer, Asus, HP, MSI and Dell are all contributing to the game, each releasing various configurations of their machines. I own a 15.4" MacBook Pro that can outperform these machines combined, yet I still find myself craving for one.

What is it that makes Netbooks so attractive?

  1. Price. With the current economic state, people are afraid to spend money. They are not as lenient with their wallets as they may have been before the "crisis," so, machines that easily run below $300 are quickly considered.
  2. Portability. It's a great feeling to be able to carry stuff with you wherever you go, especially when it's something as useful as a computer. It's light, looks good, and does the job. Screen real-estate may not be there, but people don't seem to mind giving it up for on-the-go productivity (which is another issue on its own). Most of the time, we only need our computers to perform basic (but important) functions, and Netbooks often do a great job at it.

Read the rest after the jump...

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More Reasons to Finish College, again

Posted on Monday, March 9th, 2009 at 12:11 am

GraduationTimes are tough. Just last month alone, over 650,000 jobs vanished into nothingness. Right now, more people are thinking about going back to college than ever before. Granted, not everyone can afford doing so, but gaining a competitive edge in one form or another is important. Several months ago, I wrote an article called "Top 5 Reasons to Finish College" and it has recently been getting a lot of attention. Here are some of the things you should be keeping in mind:

  1. Competitive Edge: If you lost your job and you can afford another degree, do it. Gaining the extra qualifications will give you the edge over most people with single/standard degrees. If a degree program is not an option, consider going for certifications in your field. Being a versatile job candidate will help you stand out from the bunch. Why hire multiple talents if one can do it all?
  2. Career path change: It's a known fact that most college graduates are not happy with their jobs. This could serve as a great opportunity to go back to college if you're looking for a change. It is probably a good idea to figure out what you want to go for as soon as possible. There's no way to say when the world's situation will be on the rise again, but stay prepared. Continue for the rest...

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