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Amazon unveils its future, Fire Phone

Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 at 9:56 pm

Amazon's Fire PhoneEarlier today, the long expected Amazon phone was unveiled to the world by Jeff Bezos. There isn't much a company entering the smartphone market can do to shine strictly from hardware. So, Amazon, being as smart as they are, mostly let software design and unique functionality do most of the grunt work.

You can check out the list of hardware and software specs, but at the end of the day, it's what the Fire Phone does that no other phone does today. Dynamic Perspective, Firefly technology, and Mayday.

Dynamic Perspective utilizes the phone's sensors to provide abilities like "peek" where you reveal bits of information on the screen only as you need it, keeping things uncluttered and out of the way. You can also tilt and swivel your phone for shortcuts and actions like attaching photos, revealing menus, toggling the flashlight, and even calling for live help when you're stuck. More after the jump...

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Tough Mudder Training Blog: Day 05

Posted on Saturday, July 13th, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Tough Mudder
Several days ago, I went to an MMA training session at a UFC Gym, detoxified at a Spa Castle with 6 different saunas and multiple pools containing dozens of water jets placed and positioned in every angle to target every spot one's body could ask for.

The soreness from the UFC Gym elevated for about 3 days until all the aches started to fall back. That weekend, I went out to the countryside for a few days in which I engaged in various activities including swimming, badminton, archery, and little bit of hiking.

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The end of the beginning, Steve Jobs

Posted on Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 at 5:45 am

Steve Jobs portratirIt has taken me a little while to gather the courage to begin writing this piece. I knew this day was coming, as did everyone else. 6 days ago, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple, Inc., one of the most valuable companies in the world, which he built with the vision and ambition to change the world.

It isn't to say that Steve Jobs invented the markets in which he sought out to dominate, but he certainly did redefine them. This applies to most things Apple has touched since 1997, including all-in-one computers, MP3 players, mobile phones, and tablet devices. He drove Apple with the goal to make the best products possible, and nothing less. With this philosophy, which he is notorious for rubbing into CEO's faces, Apple has seldom failed at delivering best-selling products.

For many years, everything Steve Jobs has ever poured his heart into has come down to this very moment; What's next for Apple. It is now time to see Apple play itself out with the foundation and forward momentum that Steve Jobs has instated. The "foundation" that I speak of includes choosing a rock-solid executive team to carry out Apple's image, including Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, Jonathan Ive, Phil Schiller, and so forth.

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Nintendo, do we need another console that half-delivers its promise?

Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2011 at 3:17 am

Nintendo Wii U - Console and Controller
I'll start off by saying that I have been a huge Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember. I like innovation, new ideas, companies trying new things, but I am also a realist. These things need to be fool proof, need to work properly, and most importantly, they need to DELIVER! This applies to any company out there, trying to sell any product. While the Nintendo Wii has been immensely popular with the general public due to its "mass playability," but the same feeling hasn't been shared by all of the game developers.

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku stated the following about how the Wii fell behind on their promise:

"Wii games were never as interactive as that initial trailer promised—we never jumped behind sofas. The console ended up with a heavy casual game focus, and there was poor third party support—both of which Nintendo hopes to rectify with the Wii U."

The challenge Nintendo still faces with the Wii U

A Wii-owning friend of mine stated the following regarding Super Mario Galaxy:

"You shake the remote to spin. In a few levels you move by tilting the remote. That's it."

I couldn't have summed up my thoughts any better about the state of Nintendo's "motion" approach to gaming. Nintendo themselves never attempted anything TRULY UNIQUE with their games, and neither did developers. In result, the Wii has lost support from some major developers throughout the years. Continue reading for more thoughts...

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WWDC 2011 thoughts and reactions

Posted on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 at 12:09 am

Apply iOS 5Today, Apple played a lot of catch up with iOS 5. Features were unveiled that people have been wishing for since the iPhone's incarnation in 2007. For instance, how long have we been whining for a Notifications revamp? Over-The-Air updates and synching? An improved lock-screen?

Mac OS X LionI am happy about the direction Mac OS X is taking. Mission Control is one of my favorite features because I am already huge a fan of Expose, and making application windows with Expose and Spaces on crack puts a smile on my face. One other game changer is Resume/Auto Save in combination with Versions. With this trio, you technically never have to save or worry about going back to where you left off. Versions allows you to get a taste of Time Machine, meaning that you can access to previous versions of your document since you started working on it, just in case you made a booboo and need to revert.

Apple iCloudBack when Apple bought the $1bn dollar datacenter in North Carolina, speculations of the grand agenda began. Everyone knew that it was obviously going to be cloud-based, such as a huge revamp to MobileMe, but now we know exactly what Apple has been planning, and oh boy is it huge!

iCloud, combined with all of the developer APIs that will be offered, certainly gives Google and Amazon a run for their money. Yes, Amazon has a concrete set of cloud-based offerings, but most of them are in a completely separate class, such as S3 (simple storage service) for application developers of all levels. We don't currently have a master list of all the APIs developers will be able to utilize with iCloud just yet, but, as Apple said deliberately that they're taking this very seriously, we are sure to find out its limits very soon. More after the jump...

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Nokia and Microsoft, sitting in a tree…

Posted on Friday, April 15th, 2011 at 12:03 am

Nokia and Microsoft PhoneIt was only a matter of time until Nokia threw in the towel, but nobody guessed it was going to happen this way. Nokia almost completely abandoned the platform they've invested billions into, and sided with Microsoft, who will also end up dumping billions into the platform (simply because they can, easily).

In many ways, I see this as a match made in heaven. Microsoft, very late in the mobile OS game, but still with a pretty decent chance at gaining a healthy user base. Nokia, a phone maker virtually non-existant in the modern-day smartphone era, and in desperate need of a 360° overhaul. These two behemoths are... *ahem* ... a match made in heaven. More after the jump...

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Are we ready for ANOTHER mobile OS?

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010 at 6:07 am

Just hours from now, Microsoft will officially unveil their Windows Phone 7 mobile platform. In a world saturated with iPhones, Android devices, and hundreds of thousands of apps, does Microsoft stand a chance? I guess the bigger question is, what do they hope to achieve with Windows Phone 7?

These days, people looking to buy a new Smartphone pretty much know what their options are. iPhone, if they're looking for a HUGE library of apps and don't care about the "openness" of the OS. Android (device), if they're looking for a phone that doesn't run on AT&T, and is "open" for you to download literally anything you want onto the device. Blackberry, if they're looking for a business-oriented phone. Windows Phone 7,  doesn't have a "thing" that people will go to it for, but the super-unique interface and a fresh take on social integration may do the trick.

I don't think any serious iOS or Android device user will switch to Windows Phone 7. Each of the two platform offer too much to leave behind in favor of a newborn platform. Microsoft could easily target the late adopters who haven't yet made the jump to Smartphones. This way, they can have a market of their own to grow with. We can only hope that Microsoft leaps through their infancy, and quickly become a serious contender in the Smartphone wars. More after the jump...

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Microsoft buying Adobe speculation

Posted on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 at 10:21 pm

Adobe LogoEarlier today, Adobe shares jumped nearly 12% on speculation that Microsoft will be acquiring them. Publications all over the internet went haywire saying how crazy this is, and that it may mean trouble for Apple. I think that's a load of bull. Technically, Apple's been doing just fine without Adobe, but there are some things that could hurt both companies.

Worse case scenario:
Microsoft + Adobe seize development of Creative Suite software, and creatives around the world are forced to use outdated software. Okay, let's wake up and smell the Americano. Adobe, even under Microsoft's evil wing will not cut Mac development, unless they're interested in losing the bigger chunk of their revenues. Creative agencies all over the world primarily run on Macs. Will they start switching to Windows? Yes, many will, but most will not.

Apple produce a fine bundle of applications known as Final Cut Studio. This will be Apple's chance to shine with the apps in their respective fields (as if it's not already). Imagine how badly Adobe's and Microsoft's reputation would suffer if they made these moves. Continue reading...

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Apple iPad, smooth landing (part 2)

Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Apple iPad

Check out Part 1 of this article if you haven't already.

Lack of Multi-tasking(?)

While the iPad can't run multiple apps, you can certainly enjoy the ability to switch seamlessly between applications. It's not often you need something running in the background, unless it's Pandora radio being streamed at all times (which can't be done to begin with due to lack of Flash support).

If you can achieve virtually anything without forcing apps to stay running in the background, then what's the point of having it? I would just be glad that I know it's better for my battery life. I honestly can't think of any real effects of not being able to run multiple apps simultaneously, so please enlighten me in the comments section.

The Price is Right

Starting at $499, one can't really complain that it doesn't do what a MacBook does. It's already cheaper than what everyone expected (which is good!). While the iPad physically resembles the iPod Touch, it's just not the same. It's not released yet, but the fact is that apps won't be designed the same way as regular iPhone/iPod Touch apps - they will be customized to take full advantage of the bigger screen and faster processor. This is a huge part of the whole "experience" of the iPad. Read on for more...

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Apple iPad, smooth landing (part 1)

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 11:37 am

Apple iPadLadies and Gentlemen, the Apple device everyone's been waiting for has finally landed with pinpoint precision. We were all expecting a bang, but most of us found the new iPad a pleasant surprise. As I predicted, Apple devoted their energy towards creating an amazing user experience, rather than a hardware phenomenon.

User Experience

It's designed to be what it is. It doesn't try or promise to do anything it's not supposed to do. This is the sole reason of why Apple's products are so successful. Would you run Photoshop on a device that's not designed to handle it? No, because you won't have a good experience. This is what Apple keeps in mind at all times - thus, why people always find things lacking in Apple products.

It's not designed to be the next revolutionary piece of hardware that will pop a piece of toast out its speaker holes, but rather to give users the experience they can't get on an a smaller and less powerful version of the same device (iPhone/iPod Touch). If you watch the iPad video on, you will see the level of interactivity this device achieves is not really possible on a smaller screen. More after the jump...

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