The Author
Hi there, my name is Lasha Krikheli. I am a 24 year old Freelance Developer & Designer, Amateur Photographer, Environmentalist, and Entrepreneur. I am passionate about the things I believe in and do in life, thus you may find some of my posts to be in-depth - in other words, long!

I was introduced to the world of graphic design several years ago after taking interest in creating small forum graphics such as Avatars and Signatures. The urge to grow my skills and creativity has stayed strong to this day, and still has a long way to go. Recently, I started becoming more aware of the environment, being "green," and have made some progress towards saving energy, and reducing carbon emissions. It is one of my goals to educate people about what's happening, and how easy (and fun) it can be to make a difference, together!

Throughout this time, I have grown to be who I am as a person, meeting new people, acquiring new interests, and pursuing my dreams towards success. One Fused Life is the place on the web where I share my knowledge, ideas, plans, and general ramblings for the world to see.