Tough Mudder
Several days ago, I went to an MMA training session at a UFC Gym, detoxified at a Spa Castle with 6 different saunas and multiple pools containing dozens of water jets placed and positioned in every angle to target every spot one's body could ask for.

The soreness from the UFC Gym elevated for about 3 days until all the aches started to fall back. That weekend, I went out to the countryside for a few days in which I engaged in various activities including swimming, badminton, archery, and little bit of hiking.

The Spa Castle experience was second to none. Previously, I was never comfortable with the idea these spas, so many people, etc., but this time around was different. Maybe I'm spoiled now for having experienced a spa of this caliber as my first spa experience. So, all in all, the past 7 days weren't exactly the most intense with workouts, but more relaxing – that's important too, right?

This coming week will consist of more heavy workouts including weights, cardio, and endurance training. I even hope to put in some time at the monkey bars.