Tough Mudder
Over the past week, my workouts have consisted of plenty of cardio, swimming, and arm wrestling. Yea, that last one may seems a little weird, but arm wrestling is one heck of an upper body workout – if you know what you're doing.

I had the honor of arm wrestling Joyce Boone (one of the best female pullers in NY), as well a couple of pros at the training session, which was no different than versing a wall. I take arm wrestling pretty seriously, so hopefully I too can become that proverbial wall.

Swimming is always a fantastic workout. It made me realize that even though I can run a few miles, doing a few laps in the pool had me completely drained with my heart pounding a million beats a second. With that said, I need to figure out how I can start swimming more...

I've noticed some muscle toning around the front-side of my torso from all the running. After every good run, the next day I wake up with musculo-skeletal aches, which means things are working, and the core is getting stronger! I'm not a "bulky" guy, but muscle definition and toning often takes forever to become noticeable, compared to the average person. It's hard when you don't see visible progress after all the hard work that's put in, but hey, everyone is different, right?

I've been juggling with the whole cold-shower stuff in preparation for the dumpster full of thousands of pounds of ice/water that is Arctic Enema of Tough Mudder. Confidence is slowly (but surely) climbing about handling this gruesome obstacle. Now, I just need to implement more strenuous activity into my workouts as long-distance endurance is only a piece of the pie.

Next week, I'll be attending a free "Advanced MMA Fighting" class which will certainly be a workout in itself – combat training always is. I am also going trail  running, which will be a mix of running, hiking, and interacting with obstacles. Parkour!