Tough Mudder
Today's workout consisted of light upper body weight lifting, and some major cardio work. Due to my work schedule, these workouts occur separately throughout the day. Kettle bell at work, cardio in the evening, pull-ups to finish it all off.

Using a 20 pound kettle bell, I worked on biceps, triceps, lower back, lats, traps, and shoulders. I did 1 to 2 sets of each of these workouts just to kick things in for what's to come. Later in the day...

While still sore in certain parts of my lower body, I went out for a run and managed to complete 3 miles without resting. Pretty good considering that during my last run I had to rest at 1 mile, and did 1 more mile after that before calling it a night. I felt like I could've done more, but I started feeling some soreness in my knees and didn't want to risk injury early on. I'd prefer to work my way up to longer distances step-by-step – no pun intended. Ha.

Next up, I need to start incorporating more strength training procedures. Cardio and muscle toning alone will not get one through a Tough Mudder challenge. On top of increased weight training, the best thing I could think of is to start going to the play ground and running/jumping around all of the monkey bars and climbable structures!

Exposing yourself to an environment that's most similar to what you're preparing for, provides the type of conditioning that no amount of basic exercise routines can offer. Climb, jump, hang, lift, crawl, etc.

Stay hydrated, folks!