Tough Mudder
A couple of days ago I registered to participate in the October 2013 Tough Mudder event in New Jersey. I am super excited! I have never done anything like this, but always wanted to. I love physical challenge, especially when it forces me off my behind and makes me crave energy, adrenaline, and performance!

I considered today to be day 01 of my training. Starting out light. Pushing my cardio by running up many flights of stairs, pushups and pull-ups, leg raises on the Iron Gym, and some good 'ol stretching. The new Adidas Marathon shoes will start serving me well when I get back into running and sprinting – possibly starting tomorrow.

Also considering joining a free-reign gym, one where people go for Parkour, Gymnastics, Capoeira, and more. Improving natural strength that benefits you when traversing harsh terrain is more important than lifting heavy weights and drinking protein shakes. I'm after lean muscle development, toning, and losing approximately 15 to 20 lbs. of excess body fat. The stronger I get, and the more weight I shed, my power-to-weight strength ratio will jump even higher. More after the jump...

Over a year ago, I injured my knee during a 6 mile run (which was a lot for me at the time). The pain around the knee join lasted for about 5 months, and about 8 months to completely go away. Sometimes my knees feel like they lock up and I need to kind of shake it off and you hear a cracking sound similar to cracking your knuckles. I haven't ran long-distance since that injury. I'll be starting small and slow, and gradually build up (as with everything else).

To boost the muscle toning process, I will probably start attending a standard gym with weights, machines, and the average meat head. Summer is almost full-swing – I'd like to look good while at it all, too! I watched Man of Steel last week and I must say, easily one of the best male physiques in Hollywood. Maybe when I'm rich, I'll start hiring celebrity trainers, but for now, it's all Lasha-style!

General idea to keep in mind: If there's a day where some part of your body isn't sore, you're not working hard enough!