This past week I've gathered some links to useful tools. If you use Photoshop regularly, browse coding docs, use forms, and/or manage projects, the following will make your life easier and improve productivity: - Quick language documentation browser for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM, jQuery, PHP.

GuideGuide - Photoshop plugin that allows you to quickly generates accurate grids for your designs/projects. - Collects data from your website's forms, with easy management and notifications. Will also be available as WordPress and ExpressionEngine plugins.

Asana and Do - Both Asana and Do are highly robust task and project management tools with great interfaces, multiplatform synching, team communication, and more. Hard choice, this one is.

Bonus link after the jump! - Codecademy is probably one of the coolest new projects to hit the internet. It is an easy, interactive, and fast way to learn coding, all hands on. Courses are gradually being added, starting from the basics and building up to advanced material. The language being taught JavaScript, arguably the most important language of the web today.

Double bonus!! Complementary to Codecademy, check out the appendTo Developer Learning Center. The video material covers beginner to intermediate JavaScript and jQuery coding. Free!

Enjoy! Share your great links/resources in the comments and I'll add them to the list.