Steve Jobs portratirIt has taken me a little while to gather the courage to begin writing this piece. I knew this day was coming, as did everyone else. 6 days ago, Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple, Inc., one of the most valuable companies in the world, which he built with the vision and ambition to change the world.

It isn't to say that Steve Jobs invented the markets in which he sought out to dominate, but he certainly did redefine them. This applies to most things Apple has touched since 1997, including all-in-one computers, MP3 players, mobile phones, and tablet devices. He drove Apple with the goal to make the best products possible, and nothing less. With this philosophy, which he is notorious for rubbing into CEO's faces, Apple has seldom failed at delivering best-selling products.

For many years, everything Steve Jobs has ever poured his heart into has come down to this very moment; What's next for Apple. It is now time to see Apple play itself out with the foundation and forward momentum that Steve Jobs has instated. The "foundation" that I speak of includes choosing a rock-solid executive team to carry out Apple's image, including Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, Jonathan Ive, Phil Schiller, and so forth.

I will not lose faith in Apple, nor will my opinions and and feelings towards their future actions be affected by the fact that Apple is no longer run by Steve Jobs. Being "Apple" is larger than any one person, and Steve Jobs himself is not the only one responsible for it. It is all a result of a magnificent collaborative effort to create the best products possible.

Steve Jobs presented his last keynote as CEO of Apple, and introduced what I believe is their "next" major investment for the future (last was flash memory, and it worked out quite well). To reiterate, Apple did not invent cloud computing, synching, and so forth. However, I believe Apple's approach of seamlessly integrating the cloud into Apple products to the fullest extent is superior to most of its competitors. In other words, it is transparent – you don't even know it's happening, but when you log onto your other devices, everything is already there.

No matter how you look at it all, Steve Jobs and Apple moved, created, and shook industries. The end of the beginning of Apple is here. Now begins the life of Apple.