There are some things in life that you just do, and don't do. I have been writing this list since September 2008. I have learned many things, met many people, and experienced things that I will carry with me to the grave. Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday, and I feel I have just barely touched the tip of the iceberg of life.

I would like to say thank you to those that have helped me compile this list, whether you know it or not. This endeavor has always kept me on my feet, thinking, and observing the world around me. It is my hope for this list to inspire people anywhere in the world, just as I have been influenced by those around me.

Continue reading for the list that's been in the works for nearly 3 years:

  1. Always be willing to learn when given the opportunity.
  2. Think not twice but 5 times about what you spend your money on.
  3. Time is yours, and it's running. Run with it, or ahead of it.
  4. Treat people with courtesy and respect, karma will take care of the rest.
  5. Avoid keeping junk, or things you are attached to that are not important.
  6. Realize what you take for granted, for it may not always be there.
  7. In a situation, look for solutions and progress, rather than explanations.
  8. Strive for consistent organization, as it helps with complex endeavors.
  9. Keep a calendar for important dates and events, you won't regret it.
  10. Wish people Happy Birthdays - you will be much appreciated.
  11. Avoid lying - you will have less to remember.
  12. Meeting new people and socializing has immense benefits.
  13. Don't take the sparse resources available to you for granted.
  14. Patience is a virtue. With it, you can go places never imagined.
  15. Recycle your garbage and general waste.
  16. Try to eat healthy when you can, or you'll kick yourself later.
  17. Do not smoke or cause unnecessary harm to yourself.
  18. Coupons are very, very great things. Use them wisely.
  19. Know the difference between Effectiveness & Efficiency.
  20. When you're discouraged, remember the purpose of it all.
  21. Personal and Professional relationships in life are important.
  22. Getting a solid education helps you in more ways than one.
  23. Compliment people, even for the smallest things - they will like you.
  24. Sometimes, life is all about risk. Choose wisely.
  25. Learn how to take decent photographs, for they are priceless.
  26. Always carry a spare (insert item here). You won't be sorry.
  27. Don't make a fool of yourself - Do your research.
  28. Be good at something, that way you can always fall back on it.
  29. Always back up everything you don't want to lose. Always.
  30. Education is beautiful. Enlighten others with your knowledge.
  31. Don't let other people's negative attitudes get to the best of you.
  32. If you freelance, choose wisely who you work for or with.
  33. Remember: How would you feel in his/her shoes?
  34. Always have resources and references that are helpful to you.
  35. Free is not always good, as its problems may cost you.
  36. If you can, read magazines in bookstores instead of subscribing.
  37. Having a business card is efficient, effective, and impressive.
  38. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut is a gift. Practice it.
  39. Thank other people often, appreciation will be mutual.
  40. Know how to turn a dollar into two... without ripping it.
  41. Saying "no" to things can be very helpful in the long run.
  42. Always carry a pen with you when possible. Preparedness rocks!
  43. When you create goals for yourself, tell others about it.
  44. Sometimes, the little things in life have the biggest value.
  45. Understanding that not all things are fair can save many headaches.
  46. Getting an education is one of life's great experiences.
  47. Play games - it helps you learn about how people are.
  48. Don't quite your job until you find another one.
  49. Know a second language - it will help you achieve wonders.
  50. A clean and open workspace helps with productivity.
  51. Only make promises you know you can keep.
  52. Take on a hobby you know you can stick with.
  53. Make a list of random trivial questions and Google them!
  54. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a long time.
  55. Travel and experience the amazing varieties of life.
  56. Read books - expose your mind to new ideas.
  57. Turn off your judging machine when talking to people.
  58. Observe and adapt desirable behavior & body language of others.
  59. Respect the environment - you don't wanna damage your planet.
  60. Always think twice about purchasing something you don't need.
  61. Donate your used belongings to charities. They will love you!
  62. Always look for inspiration for motivation to get things done.
  63. Save money and buy energy efficient products.
  64. Use credit cards only if you are certain you can pay it back.
  65. Have a good understanding of history - old and recent.
  66. Do not be afraid to take a risks.
  67. If you really want something, put your heart into it.
  68. Learn some handyman skills - they will benefit you greatly.
  69. When traveling, be cautious of scammers trying to get you!
  70. Do not carry important documents unless it's necessary.
  71. Always be ready to write down ideas, you will forget them.
  72. Pay attention to your dreams as they show you who you are.
  73. Always put effort into being around like-minded people.
  74. Utilize your belongings to their maximum potential.
  75. Learn how things tick. It'll help your general understanding.
  76. Do not be afraid to ask questions, no matter what they are!
  77. Do not leave your chances with luck, but have room for it.
  78. Do not carry around large sums of money for no reason.
  79. Be considerate of others - it makes things so much easier.
  80. Don't fall behind with the things you love - stay sharp!
  81. Don't let failures stop you from achieving your goals.
  82. Learn to socialize and converse with anyone.
  83. Keep an organized list of all the people you know and meet.
  84. Research productivity tools and techniques. There are thousands.
  85. Challenging yourself is the only real way to grow.
  86. Compromise helps you avoid many problems throughout life.
  87. Don't burn down any bridges, you may be crossing one soon.
  88. Don't be afraid to build something, the feeling is uplifting.
  89. Always get plenty of rest before doing anything serious.
  90. Respect others as you expect to be respected yourself.
  91. Travel the world and experience life other than your own.
  92. Through hard times, never fear seeking help.
  93. Let your children be children, curious and energetic.
  94. Don't fear admitting defeat. It only makes you stronger.
  95. Be true to yourself, as you're the only sure thing you have.
  96. If you believe you're born to do something, chase after it.
  97. Don't be afraid to trust others.
  98. Always put family and friends first, business second.
  99. Love with all of your heart, and everything you've got.
  100. Don't let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by.
  101. Make your own list.