I have been asking myself this question as far as I could remember, and as I get older, the answer always changes. The criteria for being a "grown-up" is different for everyone because we all have unique expectations based on our experiences.

There are often times when we see a "grown-up" with "younger" characteristics. Could this be because this person doesn't view themselves as one, therefore acts and appears such way, or is it simply because the person judging him/her has a solidified idea of what a "grown-up" should be like?

I believe being a grown-up is just a state of mind. A state where the amount of questions you have about yourself, life, and everything else is significantly lower than your past. A state where insecurities become non-existent, and everything seems to just make sense...

I often think about the times when I've met people who I thought were so mature, intelligent, and unbreakable, and how I would love to sit down with them for hours and hear their stories. What is their formula, their recipe for living life, and the events that made them into who they are?

I have many questions about myself and everything else. At what point will I start to feel like a grown-up? Many people say it happens after your parents are gone, but there are too many instances of grown-ups who still have their parents. Maybe they're just pretending, and deep inside they're still trying to find themselves?

Do you consider yourself a grown-up? Are you a parent? Grandparent? I'd love to hear your thoughts!