UmbrellaYesterday I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to use an umbrella due to a small rainstorm.  At first I proudly opened my small staph shielding me from the dangers of water hurling from above, whilst staring at the poor saps that had come ill-equipped.  Yet as I continued hurling towards my destination I noticed myself becoming increasingly wet.  By the time I had reached the sanctuary of indoors my entire shoes had been drenched, as well as the tips of my pants and my entire right arm.

With all the fancy cases that are out in the market today to protect our cell phones, notebooks, and MP3 players, why has no one taken the time to create something to well…protect US!  Imagine for a second you brought a water proof case for your notebook and suddenly you realized that over 40% of it got wet, wouldn’t you be furious and never buy that case again?  For some reason this logic does not seem to apply in the world of Umbrellas, as many of us will continue to buy the same crappy umbrellas which will instantly break again and again. More after the jump...

In a country where you can purchase protective covers for your couches and cars, where is my slip-on plastic case insulating me from the drudgery of getting wet?  Now most of you are probably shouting “get a rain coat”, but lets not forget that requires separate boots and even pants in order to maintain full dryness, not to mention the prospect of slinging a wet coat over my chair at work seems less than sunshine.

Even if we aren’t smart enough to invent an Umbrella alternative why not at least build a better Umbrella, one that doesn’t turn inside out with the slightest detection of wind.  With all these cheap umbrellas in circulation, does anyone stop and think of the complete waste of materials these things cause (plastic, metal, and cloth)?  Why an entire civilization could be founded upon excess umbrella materials alone.  I would gladly be willing to shell out a few extra bucks in order to purchase an Umbrella I knew would be my faithful companion for years to come.  Lets just hope that a bright idea can emerge amongst the clouds.

Written By: Aaron Azerad