Adobe LogoEarlier today, Adobe shares jumped nearly 12% on speculation that Microsoft will be acquiring them. Publications all over the internet went haywire saying how crazy this is, and that it may mean trouble for Apple. I think that's a load of bull. Technically, Apple's been doing just fine without Adobe, but there are some things that could hurt both companies.

Worse case scenario:
Microsoft + Adobe seize development of Creative Suite software, and creatives around the world are forced to use outdated software. Okay, let's wake up and smell the Americano. Adobe, even under Microsoft's evil wing will not cut Mac development, unless they're interested in losing the bigger chunk of their revenues. Creative agencies all over the world primarily run on Macs. Will they start switching to Windows? Yes, many will, but most will not.

Apple produce a fine bundle of applications known as Final Cut Studio. This will be Apple's chance to shine with the apps in their respective fields (as if it's not already). Imagine how badly Adobe's and Microsoft's reputation would suffer if they made these moves. Continue reading...

To put it frankly, I don't think it will happen. Adobe has Flash, Microsoft has Silverlight. There's also Adobe Reader, but what good will a free format do for Microsoft? Anyone can create software that authors out to the PDF format. Flash authoring is a different story, but... imagine if Microsoft hacked the Flash player to run Silverlight apps!! They will practically own the market with their own technologies like C#, the .Net platform, and so forth.

It's a scary thought -- the creative industry being run by Microsoft. However, I'm not getting my hopes up. Adobe can turn out to be the man in the relationship and use Microsoft's funds to become the best Adobe ever! Adobe, if you're listening, you can start by making Photoshop crash less than 5 times a day.