So it's 3:40AM right now and I just woke up from a 6+ hour long sleep. I had one of the strangest dreams in a decent while. The dream consisted of traveling with a bunch of my friends, including my girlfriend, getting lost, and fighting our way through illogical and fantastical obstacles.

Mall layouts that made less sense than a mirror house, rooms of pure darkness, gigantic elevator doors, and infinitely looping escalators. The entire dream was a mish-mash of chaos, trying to find a way home, anxiety, excitement, and a whole lot of WTF. I would find myself running through these places aimlessly, even though I knew we had to find a way home. Colors were absolutely amazing. A mix of amazing blues, reds, yellows and greens.

At some point when trying to make it to our airplane, my friend Paul and I ended up in a "soccer field" that was 10x the regular size. Filled with famous soccer players kicking the ball to us, wanting to play, but us failing in shame. What's funny is that as we finally made it across the field (in a rush to get to our plane, still), I ran and jumped over a 7 foot tall thing. Why? I dunno.

Last thing I remember is every single one of us ending up jammed in a twisted and dismantled Mirror House, crushed under snow in the middle of nowhere (probably somewhere in Greenland). Every inch we moved, we morphed into different odd shapes and sizes, while trying to squeeze our way out of this madness. It then turned into a game where the more "witches" we found, the better we scored - but that seemed to lead us nowhere.

And then I woke up.