Yesterday at 11:10AM, I took a seat in the Dentist's chair, prepared to finally have my wisdom teeth removed after months of delays and dreading. I know you're probably wondering why I had all 4 removed... Call me crazy, but there was no way I would've returned for seconds if I removed half now, half later. Lower 2 were impacted, and the top 2 grew in sideways (what luck, eh?).

To my pleasant surprised, the whole process didn't take very long (about 20 minutes). Yes, I was awake throughout whole thing. They didn't wanna sedate me. I felt no pain, except the pinching of the needles at first (for local anesthesia). After that, it was just pressure being applied on 4 sides of my mouth. When I got home shortly after, I had to change the gauze/pads every 30 minutes for around 3 hours until the bleeding stopped.

Once the bleeding stopped, it was time to take the Antibiotics and Painkillers, along with my nail-sized bites of mashed potatoes. I just had to be really careful to not loosen/lose the blood clots when eating. So, a whole 30 hours later, the recovery process is going well. There's swelling where the complex side was, but I'm told if I keep applying ice every other 30 minutes, I should be fine by tomorrow. There's really not much pain, to be honest - it's just uncomfortable knowing what it's like in your mouth.

I have an interview tomorrow, and I hope the swelling goes down by then! If I don't feel well enough to go, they told me I can reschedule for next week. Wish me luck! 🙂