The other day I got a phone call from an unknown number. I picked up and heard nothing but silly threats and "tough talk" by a young boy. I ignored it all at first, but when I kept getting called back, it started to get annoying. This is when I decided to see what the heck was really going on, and try to talk some sense into this kid trying to have fun.

I started to ask who the hell this kid thought he was, and for him to come to my face and tell me the things he was saying. At first, I had no idea if he lived down the block or somewhere else. I looked up the number he was calling with, and saw that it was a NYC number - started making threats of my own saying I was tracking him down. He got a little scared and told me to chill, and asked why I was taking it so seriously.

I told the kid it was because his behavior was disgusting and I didn't want my kids growing up around horrible influences like him. I also said it was people like him that drop out of school, and people always look down upon. Then he was a little more serious and apologetic. I asked why he wasn't playing in the park with his friends, and said he wasn't allowed to. This lead me to believe he didn't live in such a great neighborhood, but I told him not to worry; I come from a country where guns were fired every other night outside my window for reasons nobody could explain, and tanks driving down the street going anywhere....

I made a new friend that day. I told him I didn't care who he was, where he lived, or what his name was, but that I can only ask him to be a good person in this world. I sensed potential in this kid. Confusion. I hope I gave him an idea to start viewing things in perspective. He turned out to be a good student in school, and a baseball fan. He told me I was a good role model, and that he was sorry again and wouldn't do this stuff again. I could only take his word for it - after all, that's all I wanted from him. His word.

I have high hopes for our future generations. It is up to us, the ones creating the future for our children, as our parents did for us. Get educated, be passionate, never stop learning, and most of all, never give up on your path in life.