Angry Birds - iPhone OS game The birds are angry, and they're out to get the pigs! Angry Birds is the latest and greatest the iPhone OS has to offer in the gaming department. There are tons of levels, each offering a unique composition of walls, barriers, pigs, and ornaments like jewels and trophies.

Playing this game is very simple! You use a slingshot to launch a variety of birds into the air, aiming for huge amounts of [pig] destruction. The more birds you have left in the end of the round, the bigger your score. There's a star rating system (1 to 3 stars) which gives you a good idea of how talented you've become. More after the jump...

I particularly favor Angry Birds and other games of this sort because of how helpful they are. Target practice using a slingshot, on top of a pretty good physics engine trains our brains to react and plan every move carefully. Things like how far back you pull, the angle you launch the birds in, and what you hit is what's important when trying to figure out how to pass the levels. This training can potentially be applied to real world scenarios where coordination is needed.

To sum up Angry Birds, it's addictive! I bought this game a week ago and I'm still at it. I play it all the time, on the train, at home, at school... yea. Quite possibly the best $0.99 I have ever spent. Check it out at the App Store. Don't say I didn't warn you.

iPad owners can check it out here. Note that the HD version is $4.99, but probably still worth every penny.