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Don’t forget: Be Bold, Take Risks

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 7:25 am

This morning, I read a great post by Andy Rutledge about Risk. Things haven't been too smooth lately, but this bit of encouragement set me on the right track again. It helped me realize once again that, without risk, there is no greatness. Those who set out to build empires and succeed take risks. Those who aim for the very best take risks. Those who set out to make a difference take risks.

"For designers, for business, just as for nations, risk is the essential component to great success." - Andy Rutledge.

Andy created a series of Desktop Wallpapers based on the article. Risktakers stand out and achieve great success. Take a look at every successful company that has shaped our world today (Google, Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). The question you should be asking is: What do you want to be noticed for?

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Firefox, with you when your computer isn’t

Posted on Sunday, February 7th, 2010 at 5:45 pm

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Camino, Netscape... all good browsers in their own way, but to me, only one stands out: Firefox. I have a bad habit of keeping 50+ tabs open simultaneously, almost all the time. Last night, I browsed to a site that caused my Mac to have a meltdown. The Mac wouldn't even shut down! Waited hours before I had to hold the power-button for 5 seconds.

This morning I turned on the Mac, launched Firefox and saw this:

Firefox - Tab Restore Screen

They admit their fault, even if it wasn't theirs to admit. They offer a smart interface to deselect the tabs that may have caused the crash. As you can see by the side of the scroll bar, I had A LOT going on. I deselected a bunch of tabs, hit "Restore" all without a bit of worry.

This level of attention toward functionality to provide an excellent user experience should be mimicked by other developers. When I'm conceptualizing new ideas, this is the type of quality I incorporate. Thank you, Mozilla.

Which browser do you use, and why?

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