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Apple iPad, smooth landing (part 2)

Posted on Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Apple iPad

Check out Part 1 of this article if you haven't already.

Lack of Multi-tasking(?)

While the iPad can't run multiple apps, you can certainly enjoy the ability to switch seamlessly between applications. It's not often you need something running in the background, unless it's Pandora radio being streamed at all times (which can't be done to begin with due to lack of Flash support).

If you can achieve virtually anything without forcing apps to stay running in the background, then what's the point of having it? I would just be glad that I know it's better for my battery life. I honestly can't think of any real effects of not being able to run multiple apps simultaneously, so please enlighten me in the comments section.

The Price is Right

Starting at $499, one can't really complain that it doesn't do what a MacBook does. It's already cheaper than what everyone expected (which is good!). While the iPad physically resembles the iPod Touch, it's just not the same. It's not released yet, but the fact is that apps won't be designed the same way as regular iPhone/iPod Touch apps - they will be customized to take full advantage of the bigger screen and faster processor. This is a huge part of the whole "experience" of the iPad. Read on for more...

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Apple iPad, smooth landing (part 1)

Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 11:37 am

Apple iPadLadies and Gentlemen, the Apple device everyone's been waiting for has finally landed with pinpoint precision. We were all expecting a bang, but most of us found the new iPad a pleasant surprise. As I predicted, Apple devoted their energy towards creating an amazing user experience, rather than a hardware phenomenon.

User Experience

It's designed to be what it is. It doesn't try or promise to do anything it's not supposed to do. This is the sole reason of why Apple's products are so successful. Would you run Photoshop on a device that's not designed to handle it? No, because you won't have a good experience. This is what Apple keeps in mind at all times - thus, why people always find things lacking in Apple products.

It's not designed to be the next revolutionary piece of hardware that will pop a piece of toast out its speaker holes, but rather to give users the experience they can't get on an a smaller and less powerful version of the same device (iPhone/iPod Touch). If you watch the iPad video on, you will see the level of interactivity this device achieves is not really possible on a smaller screen. More after the jump...

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How the iSlate can change the market

Posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2010 at 3:06 am

Apple's "Come see our latest creation" event (Jan 28, 2010) is less than a week away, and rumors and soaring higher than ever. As with any other major Apple announcement (read: iPhone), rumors soar to the point where you don't know what to believe any more. The revolutionary iSlate device is supposed to change the market, as the iPhone did. Given Apple's track record of successful products, this will be one them (especially in the multi-touch department).

iPhone on Steroids

Nobody REALLY knows what Apple's hiding up their sleeve, but it most likely has to do with eReaders, portable computing beyond the Mobile Phone level, and a completely new way of consuming media.

An article from the Business Insider reported that Apple has had talks with NYT, WSJ, Conde Nast, Harper Collins and so forth about content distribution. On top of readable media, Apple's also interested in mixing video into the picture, which may be great for those on the go, provided there will be fantastic battery life. And as you may figure, Apple's definitely dabbling on the gaming side as well, teaming up with EA to show off what it can do.

Now, this is starting to sound a bit familiar, right? Yes, the iPhone. Just like how the iPhone introduced a new wave of portable computing and data consumption, Apple is aiming to do the same with the iSlate. They already have an established App Store, a fantastic base of developers, and a loyal user base. There's no better time to try and pitch a new product to those looking for the next greatest thing.

I read somewhere a long time ago that the display technology for this device was going to be revolutionary. If Apple is targeting both traditional media AND digital media consumers, they better have a screen that works superbly well for both tasks. It's one thing to introduce a fantastic new way of interaction with a device, but if you can't look at what you're doing for a long period of time, it goes to waste. Read on for more...

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