On Saturday, I stepped out of the classroom where I took my last final exam of the semester. It was a feeling that I couldn't quite grasp right away, but now that it has sunk in, it's pure bliss. This was quite frankly the hardest and the most stress-inducing semester yet.

The fact that I am graduating after next semester (June '10) makes things extremely exciting! Regardless of the amount of classes I am taking come this January, nothing can surpass the amount of work and sleepless nights I just went through. Here are the classes I took:

  1. Advanced Web Animation (Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Web Animation)
  2. Advanced Web Strategies (Web strategy, marketing, a bit of JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
  3. Advertising Design II (Concepts, concepts, and more concepts)
  4. Design Internship (Interning at an Interactive Design/Development agency)
  5. Art History (Prehistoric to Gothic)
  6. Macroeconomics (Economy, supply & demand, economic conditions, business)

90% of the people who see this list call me crazy, and I don't blame them. I don't regret anything one bit. I learned and achieved more this semester than ever before. It's funny how all the best work happens right as you're about to finish your degree.

I learned invaluable skills in Flash, and gained amazing portfolio pieces from Advertising Design II. The Design Internship allowed me to work on projects for Fortune 500 companies, and so forth. More after the jump...

Next semester, I will be taking all of the senior level courses, as well as 1 math class, and 1 elective of my choice:

  1. Senior Project (Semester-long project that will be graded in the end)
  2. Design Team (Work in groups with real clients to provide design solutions)
  3. Portfolio (Develop our portfolios both digital and print)
  4. PHP Programming (Learn to program and develop web apps in PHP)
  5. Quantitative Math (A class I should have taken in my 1st year)

I absolutely cannot wait until Senior Project! The project I have planned (an Operating System) will define who I am as a designer, and everything I can do. This project will be very close to my heart, and I plan to document its development on this blog. I am certain you will find the process very fascinating!

I plan to have a very good job after I graduate, and this project combined with my portfolio, will be my ticket. I will master everything I set my mind to. I will create anything in the best possible way, utilizing my skills in Web Design/Development, Flash, Advertising, and more.