Spontaneity is a human characteristic that is unlike any other. The things that come out of spontaneity are, well... downright amazing. Some of the best ideas in the world (whatever they are) were sprung up this way, and that's a fact whether or not I prove it to you.

Impulse Wave is going to be a new series of posts based on impulse discussions, thoughts, ideas, and so forth. I am positive that this is going to be an interesting series, provided new installments get posted regularly. This series is going to require your feedback, so make sure you keep up by subscribing to the feed.

Style and Organization: Since a lot of the content for this series will come from text-based discussions, there will be excerpts posted from the dialogues. I am also considering posting full conversations (edited, of course) so you don't miss any juicy details... and the drama.

User contribution: This series will be the first to invite the public (that's right, you!) to participate. If you want to share your thoughts, email me. I'm waiting.