Dell Netbook - HackintoshIt's been confirmed that the latest OS X 10.6.2 build nixes support for Atom processors. This means (for now) that you won't be able to update your OS and continue running your Hackintosh Netbook. Apple's fight to keep iTunes exclusive to products whose names start with an "i" has been strong (read: palm pre).

Apple hasn't had a problem with supporting the Atom processors, but all of a sudden they're picky about it. To me, this can only mean one thing - Apple's shutting out competition. I think they're cooking something up of their own that might be a little "Netbookish." Some rumors say that they're building a device that will completely change the way we consume media on the go.

Something like this is probably since Apple has a history of reinventing existing products and concepts -- iPhone, Mac mini, Mighty Mouse, iMac, Unibody Macbooks, etc. They also have a history of being involved in media consumption with iTunes music, movies, and TV shows. Books and magazines, with an eBook reader of their own, may be a logical target. Would you be interested in a revolutionary $599 iReader?