What is it about some people that just don't understand things? No matter what you tell them, regardless of how hard you try to get something through to them, nothing works. For years, I have been dealing with these kinds of people - primarily my immediate family members.

Everybody has an ego of their own. Everyone knows better than the other. There is rarely ever any order when it comes to settling something, no matter what it is. Some things have to do with (apparently) uncontrollable habits, if I may even call it that. Even when dealing with the smallest and the most mundane things, arguments have to break out which lead into further problems.

If they were just a little more considerate of the people living around them, things might be somewhat different. How hard is it to keep the mosquito net up when opening windows? How hard is it to not "clean" someone else's things because it appears to be unorganized? There is no such thing as setting boundaries with these people. My property. Your property. Understood?

I don't want to sound like I am blowing steam out of my ears, but after years of constant reptition, it will get to anyone. I just wish that a great opportunity comes along sometime soon that will earn me my ticket out of here. I don't know, maybe it's just me who is incompatible with this type of lifestyle.