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Thoughts on Palm Pre commercials

Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 4:27 am

I know it's nice and all for companies to create unique and catchy ads, but what the heck was Palm thinking? They're pulling the same crap Sony pulled a while back with its PS3 ads. They didn't make sense! They were strange, confusing, and made you go "WTF?" Palm was taking notes... unfortunately:

I'll leave it up to you to check out the rest after this one.

I understand what these ads are mean, and what they're supposed to do, but I completely HATE them! Her voice is just traumatizing and lures you in for a few seconds, only to make you say "Uhhhh..... Palm Pre?"

To Ad Agencies: We all love unique and original ads, but stick with trying to surprise us in ways we enjoy. Kthnxbai.

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Design Tip of the Day 03: Collect Inspiration

Posted on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 2:55 am

Design is something that lives off the thoughts and ideas we develop from a multitude of inspirational sources. These sources include but are not limited to nature, product design, print materials, motion special effects, and so forth.

Whether you're into web design, print design, or both, collecting and storing inspirational pieces of work are essential. Browser bookmarks can be used to save website links for future gazing, while print samples can be stored inside a folder/drawer for easy access.

Some may look at this as cheating and being unoriginal, but design it is all about forming new ideas from the things we like and the things that inspire us. Some of the most creative works out in the wild have clear representations of where the concept and visual execution ideas came from.

Bonus Tip: If you have a camera phone, use it to capture inspiration. It's fast, and easier to store than having a physical sample. Have a digital folder for storing all the snapshots.

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