I wake up in a hotel room with my family, somewhere down south, or the west. Had breakfast, spent time with the family, and then I just took off wandering somewhere. Naturally, I find myself all alone. I don't know where I am, or where to go to ask someone for directions. Then, I was hit with a sudden urge to run. I don't know why, or where I was supposed to run, but I did, and so I did.

It felt good, as usual, but this time was something special. I wasn't getting tired, and I felt like I wasn't running fast enough. The adrenaline was just about ready to explode out of my body if I didn't do something cater it. I closed my eyes, let out a loud roar to exert the energy, and not a second later my eyes began to tear exuberantly. At first, it didn't hit me that I was running next to a train going full speed up north. I felt excited, but the fear that was rushing through me trumped it 10 times over.

What seemed like an hour but was really a minute or less, came to an abrubt end when I realized people were expecting me somewhere. A mix of emotions started to pour out of me at a rate that exceeded that of Niagara Falls. I walked back the apparent miles that I ran, slowly, sometimes taking a quick run to verify that what just happened was real. I wasn't sure. Confused of what was happening. I made it to that somewhere, said nothing of what happened and stayed silent for what was left of the day, trying my best to suppress that Niagara Falls. Continue reading for more....

The day is new, dry, but beautiful. I am lost. I approach a train station waiting for the next one to take me somewhere. Knowing that I did not need a form of transportation, I felt it could guide me in some direction I did not know. The train came and the man said to me, "Where ya' going boy?" I pulled out a map from my jean pocket I did not even know I had and pointed to a town up North where I thought peace would be. I entered the empty train cart, not a soul in sight. I closed my eyes, feeling strange, different, scared, excited of this "discovery."

The next day I woke up feeling different. The same in many ways, but some things were a bit off - in a pretty neutral way, if I may add. Before anything could happen, it all jumped to me running as fast as I could, somewhere. I started running after a train, and I saw that it was going underground. It was a challenge, I was scared, excited. WOOSH the sounds went, tunnels magnifying the noise by what seemed like a million. Ecstatic, I ignore it all. Eyes shedding liquid like before, train changes directions and I'm all alone, forgetting the fact that I am now one with the air.

I was approaching a stop where there were a lot of people. I crept up to a platform unnoticeably, and started walking. I recognized a relative of mine waiting to board a train, as he was helping others get on since it was difficult for people for some reason. Some of the people had to cross over the train by climbing on top of it, and then jumping down to the other side. My turn came, but it was too late as the train started to move and distance itself. I told him I can do it, but he didn't believe me so I just went for it. I used my new "power" of flight in a way that was unnoticable to others, and felt some sort of weird pride that was new to me.

Standing there, all of a sudden everyone is gone with no trains in sight. It didn't bother me as it appeared that isolation was what I wanted. I look down to the ground while thinking to myself "Now what am I going to do?" Still, with fear and joy, confused, not knowing what would happen from that point on, I rise into the air and wondered as my feet distanced themselves from the platform. I floated and vanished into the real world, somewhere.