Palm PreJust before the iPhone 3.0 software was announced, I was ready to publish an article saying how the Palm Pre was going to give Apple a lot of trouble. Then, I realized how wrong it would have been if I had done so. Now I will tell you why I think the iPhone is here to stay, and push the competition out of the way.

The Palm Pre, for the longest time, had the biggest chance to put a little fear in Apple. And so it did. Just a couple of weeks ago, the iPhone 3.0 software was revealed and most of the iPhone's nuances have been eliminated. I actually believed that if the Pre kept up its game, it would force me to switch, but thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Palm has claimed that OS X on the iPhone is not a true mobile platform, thus it will never be as speedy and sleek as what they are cooking up. I respectfully disagree! Let's just put it this way; Smooth scrolling and seamless portrait/landscape transitions is not what makes a great device. Yes, the Pre certainly competes in the visuals department, but that will only take the device so far.

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The unveiling of the 3.0 software is proof that Apple is keeping their eye on the market. The iPhone is clearly not without any faults, but Apple is constantly looking to improve. The maturity and the level of development the iPhone has reached is phenomenal. I am surprised that, to this day, phone companies have miserably failed to compete with the iPhone, except the Pre. After 2 different iPhones, and countless updates to the iPhone OS, companies can't seem to get it right.

Now let's take a look at a recent video of the Palm's WebOS in action:

Judging by this video, it looks like the next few months are gonna be very interesting for both Apple and Palm. I like the fact that 3rd party apps can access the WebOS core and have multiple apps talking to each other. I would love to see this feature being taken advantage of in greater depth on both platforms.

Dare I say the imminent success of the Pre is largely due to ex-Apple employees like Jon Rubenstein being on the team?

Rumors about the next iPhone:

  1. Multi-core CPUs and GPUs: The fact that the next generation iPhone may have multi-core processors is exciting as ever! It would open up countless possibilities, such as video, background apps, live-video streaming, and other various intensive tasks.
  2. 3.2 and 5.0 Megapixel camera censors: For the new iPhones, and for an unknown product, respectively. This shows that Apple is getting serious with video with their upcoming products.
  3. Video editing and ability to publish videos: In conjunction with the previous 2 rumors, this would work out quite well. A mini iMovie built into the iPhone, with the ability to upload your creations virtually eliminates the need of a computer for video bloggers and others alike.

Exciting times are ahead in the mobile industry. I can't wait to see what twists and turns the industry will take along the way. I would LOVE to see what you have to say, so please comment using the form below. Thanks!