Today is day 1 into the second month of the New Year, and things are looking pretty bright at the moment! I would say that January was pretty productive, but more needs to be done. My internship has been going pretty well as major changes are going to be taking place very soon.

Now that school is back in session, my daily to-do list has grown 10 fold. So far, it has been a good thing since I have to stay on top of the game, but it is bound to get harder as my classes are advanced level design courses. One course I want to talk about in particular is Advanced Web Design. Our goal throughout the course is to develop and deploy a live website, indexable by search engines, with active affiliate programs. Most people in the class don't have any experience in this, but it will be great to see what I am up against come this Tuesday. Continue reading...

Another course that I feel is going to be very exciting is Graphic Design Projects. Here we will be covering the developmet of logos, identity systems, symbolism, conceptualizing, and so forth. Based on the first class and the assignment that was given, it looks like things are on the right path.

Aside from school, there has been no real progress with the projects I am working on. The redesign of One Fused Life is on a momentary pause, and I am positive that good progress will be made during this week. I just have to remember: Do one thing at a time instead of tackling many things at once. When creating a custom WordPress theme from scratch, a step by step process is almost manditory.

I have been doing a ton of research on which plugins and web technologies I should use to bring all the functions of the new design to life! JQuery is so, so sweet!

Plans for February:

  1. Finish redesigning One Fused Life.
  2. Maintain balance between school, work, and personal projects.
  3. Follow a strict GTD schedule.
  4. Maintain constant organization of materials & resources.
  5. Turn iPhone into ultimate planner/organizer.

What about you, any exciting things you're looking forward to? Please share.