We are 3 days away from the year 2009, and we can only look back at all the things we've accomplished throughout the year, and smile. 2008 was the first year I made a resolution list, and it worked our quite well. I had about 35 items on my list and I managed to complete half of them. I would this is a pretty good amount, considering that some items were harder to accomplish.

Why a list? Lists are important because they serve as reminders to get things done. Now, a New Year's resolution list may not be any different from a regular list of things to do, but it is definitely more long term. Working on a list helps you prioritize important tasks - this way, you have an idea of what you will be up against throughout the new year.

Lists are meant to be changed. They say, "expect the unexpected." Everyone knows that throughout the year, things may happen that will require you to make some changes. Don't be turned off by this. Instead, plan fluidly so that changes to your "plan" can be made easily.

Tonight, I will start working on my New Year's Resolution list. There will be 2 columns on this list; primary items, and secondary items. Depending on who you are, something like "lose weight" will either be primary or secondary, while "get new furniture" may be more of a primary item. Question of the day: What are some of your resolutions?