By now, most of you have probably heard about the rumors of Steve Jobs preparing his retirement. Although we may never know whether or not this is true, it is clearly evident that changes are occuring.

So many famous moments have been recorded into the history books at these events throughout the years, primarily the iPhone. I wonder if Apple is going to do something HUGE for their last and final Macworld appearance, or if it will be a quiet departure.

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Apple Netbook:
No matter which direction you turn to, netbooks are all over the place whether you like it or not. Yea, the MacBook AIR is super thin and has an SSD option, but a netbook from Apple would be something else. Apple very well has the ability to out-design, out-perform, and outsell most, if not, all of the competition if they hit the spot. I've been looking at Asus and Acer for a netbook, but an Apple would would violently steal my attention.

Mac Mini Pro: Let's face the facts here; many people are switching to Macs, and a good amount of them prefer desktops over portables. What would be better than a completely revamped, tiny, and affordable Mac mini (Pro)? The reason I ad "pro" after it is because Apple would need to make it look AND sound attractive. Now, who doesn't like a little pro in their lives?

iPhone 2: Honestly, it feels too early for the next iPhone to be announced this January, but one can wish. Something will definitely happen that's somehow related to the iPhone, whether it's a major software announcement, or a set of amazing applications and updates (like MMS, Copy/Paste, and a video recorder!). Who knows, maybe Apple will just upgrade the hardware on the iPhone and keep it rolling. After all, it can already do almost anything!

Final Cut Studio Update: It has been a while since we heard anything about Final Cut Studio from Apple. With Adobe's recent release of CS4, will Apple push back with an amazing release of its own? I am sure Apple would make it highly competitive as well as a highly desired product to industry professionals.

New iPods: I haven't been keeping complete track of the iPod life cycle, but I think it's right around the corner. From the way it seems, I think Apple might go the SSD route with the iPod Classics. Will it still be called "classic," though? Probably not. Thinner and cooler than ever? Probably.

Here's my little list of hopes. What about you?