When companies use efficient technology to operate their business, less people are needed to get the job done. Yes, I am referring to the recent technical specialist layoffs from Netflix due to the simplicity of Microsoft's Silverlight video player. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to easy to use technology, but what's next?

Good design, maybe? I think so. I firmly believe that good design is a major part of what makes something a pleasure to use. Whether it's software or some kind of a device, companies will invest in producing better products to reduce support funding. Now, this isn't exactly the best thing for the job market as it will reduce the amount of jobs for support specialists, but competition will surely be on the rise.

It's too early to determine the exact direction companies will take, but it would be great to see an increase in the design & development departments, working to create better products. We will hopefully see a rise in the quality of products now that mass production does not work as well as it did yesterday. Things will eventually start to pick up again when confidence levels stabilize.

All I can say to the people running these businesses is this: Create, innovate, care, and pay attention!