An article written by the NYTimes a couple of days ago helped me finalize my stand on bailing out corporations. You may have read in the papers that Archway Cookies has been shut down, and the employees that relied on the company health plans are now stranded with nothing. It is absolutely devastating that thousands upon thousands of people are losing their jobs with all of their benefit going down the drain.

Yes, bail out the companies that are failing. YES, make them pay the consquences for building shitty products. Yes, create or reform a national health policy that protects hard working people from losing their coverage.

I hate having to hear about people cancelling their surgeries, prolonging their pregnancies, and living with controllable illnesses that they can't help because of they just can't afford health care. This applies to millions of Americans, and it shouldn't be that way.

Just in November 2008, over half a million jobs were lost, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. We are all facing tough times, but people don't have to suffer like this. Corporate, political, and social corruption need to end. Without this, things won't start getting better until it's too late.