The end of Facebook and MySpace

I have been reading a lot of reports lately about how Facebook is headed towards financial issues, and how MySpace is know, MySpace. Have you asked yourself what a lot of people's lives would be like without them?

Over the years, Social Networking has turned into the "must have" of the online world like the almighty euphoric Tomogotchi of the past! The millions of accounts that have been created and the type of connectivity that has developed was simply unthought of just a few years ago. Now, it has grown to a point where it is the primary method of communication, getting in touch with old friends, event planning, etc.

Imagine if the 2 giants, Myspace and Facebook, were to fail. What would people do, go back to email? Not gonna happen. People will try to find the next big thing to bombard by the millions so they can maintain their dosage of social network morphine. After all, everyone is turning into online junkies for everything. Work? Online. Staying in touch? Online. Fun and Games? Online. Sexual pleasure? Online (how unfortunate). More after the jump...

Reasons of failure: (applicable to both)

  • Loss of interest from advertisers
  • Unable to stay alive - financial instability
  • New business model - becomes porn site, or professional media outlet.
  • Major system-wide crash wiping everything out
  • Legal shutdown - court ruling to discontinue services
  • Social failure - neglect from the world due to over-saturation
  • New revolutionary service takes over the world

Boost of personal blogs after the end of 2 giants:
WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, and TypePad are all examples of services that allow you to create great looking blogs for free or a small cost (latter two). This can be both a very good, or very bad for the blogosphere. Many blog will be created just so these guys can have a place to rant and complain about life. What worries me is that it will all become saturated to a point where the industry will crash (no, not like the stock market).

The big boys will go on and be profitable, while it will be impossible for those working hard to "make it." I don't want to see the web contaminated with more junk. I mean, who am I to say what's junk and what's not? Maybe this blog itself is a prime example of the "junk" on the web. If it is, I hope to change that by providing quality material (for the most part).

Possible solution(s):
These blog service providers should incorporate strict rules such as excluding all "personal" blogs from being indexed by search engines. They can also integrate member search functionality to make it easier for friends and family to network and connect with each other.

Yes, I jumped between a few subjects in this post but it's all food for thought. MySpace and Facebook will probably exist for a very long time in one form or another. Who knows, maybe these networks will end up dominating our social lives after all.