Vote ButtonTomorrow is the day I will make history in my family. I will be the first person in my family line to participate in the elections, or anything dealing with voting, for that matter. I am pretty confident who my vote will be going for, and it will be the opposite of what of my conservative family would generally support. They are not exactly the "voting type" as they would continue living life as if nothing happened.

I found out a couple of hours ago that my professor canceled tomorrow's Typography class. This means I can get to my voting destination early in the morning since I will have several things to do throughout the rest of the day. I encourage everyone to go out there and VOTE! I get all sorts of excuses from my friends saying that New York is gonna vote Democratic regardless if they vote or not. I believe that the right to vote is a privilege that everyone who can should exercise.

I cannot foretell what my political views and beliefs will be like a year or so from now, but I will try my best to make as a great of a difference as I can in this world. I give my thanks and appreciation to all of those around the country that will be voting with me tomorrow. Thank you!

Make sure you are registered and your name is in the system. Have your ID with you incase they require it for verification. I hear that lines are gonna be long so bring something to entertain yourself with (if arguing with others on line about who to vote for isn't enough). 🙂