It has been a while since I last talked about things that have been happening lately. School has been in full force and while it started off a bit bumpy, it is now steady. Lot's of design and web related projects are being assigned and I must say, it can be a challenge at times - managing each one, getting it all right, conducting necessary research, and so forth.

Earlier today, I sent out my DSLR to Canon for repair and cleaning. There was a loose piece inside the camera and it interfered with my viewfinder by with black blemish appearing on the top. I paid $35 for commercial shipping with insurance, tracking, and all that good stuff - still a ripoff if you ask me! Hopefully I'll have my camera back by the end of this week so I can go out and shoot! I've been meaning to do that for a while (about 5 months), and now I have. I hope this serves as much of an initiative as I want it to so I go out and start snapping away! Continue reading for the rest...

I also remodeled my room quite a bit by getting a brand new shelf stand and cleaning up a whole lot of junk. The amount of space I have acquired for storage and workspace is outstanding. I also went to the Container Store a few days ago and bought myself a new 100% Cotton Tote bag for groceries, and a Bio-Degradable trash bin which has been missing from my workspace for too long. I'm glad I finally made these changes and now have 1 less thing to do from my 2008 New Year's resolution list.

Step by step, I am cleaning out drawers 1 by 1, getting rid of unnecessary junk. I am avoiding the built up of garbage and useless papers and notes which means I am finding new ways of consolidating it all (ie; iPhone, computer, 1 big notebook to write it all in). More to come really soon. Tata for now!