A little under a week ago, I purchased two new sweaters and a pair of jeans on sale from Aeropostale. I walked into the door expecting to see a nice small package waiting to be opened. Instead, I saw a massive 14" square box lying there only to find roughly a quarter of the space being used. Utter disappointment spread throughout my body, albeit excited to try on my new clothes.

I am generally not that big on online shopping but when I do purchase something online, I expect it to be shipped efficiently. There's really no excuse, to be honest. Why would a company waste money on oversized shipping boxes when they can save on both equipment and shipping costs?

This is definitely not the first time something like this has happened, and I am not the first to complain. I gotta hand it to companies like Amazon, Apple, and Logitech for using efficient shipping methods (from my experiences) and for keeping their shipment carbon footprint low. Have you had any negative experiences like this? I'd like to know.