As children come of age, parents need to have a good grasp of what their kids are like and what type of discipline they should apply. This, in turn, applies directly to the kind of freedom that the child is given. Results vary depending on the family situation, so it is important to have a decent understanding of child psychology.

When is the right time to draw the line and say enough is enough, or how much is too much to begin with? Well, it begins once the child starts interacting with his or her environment. Depending on the combination of occurrences that the child experiences, ideas and and standards develop accordingly.

It is important for parents to know that a developing child undergoes a phenomenal series of phases. A child's vulnerability throughout these stages should be taken into deep consideration. As you can imagine, aggressiveness is detrimental (not to mention abuse). Giving complete leeway isn't a healthy path either, as having little to no guidance will cause undesired development. Taking the middle ground stance by being Authoritative is the most reliable method.

I have a huge family with children of all ages. Having migrated to the United States from the country of Georgia 15 years ago, parents are, naturally, strict and conservative. Certain measures that most parents take to discipline their children are highly frowned upon here in America. Of course, the parents who had kids here are more lenient, but their Georgian roots prevail by seeing how the children have been raised.

So, I ask again; how much freedom do you think parents should grant their children? These days, it's easy to get carried away letting young kids do things as they wish without proper management. What's a bit more complicated is the fact that some parents from other countries are so strict that their children grow up to be like robots. Of course, situations vary with single-parent and poverty situations. Where do you stand?