Just a few days ago, the stock market took one of the biggest hits since the great depression. People cried, panicked, and were filled with worry. When one of the largest corporations in the world files for bankruptcy, everybody living in America and elsewhere are effected.

Thousands of jobs lost, lives ruined, billions of dollars gone to waste. What are we to do when we face such challenges? The hopeful thought would be for CEOs to get together, stop being greedy, and give back to the people that need it most. It's true, if companies cared more about being great at what they do, and profits were just an added bonus, we wouldn't have these kinds of situations occur as they do.

People say "tragedy is one of the only ways change is initiated." Is something like this enough to make a difference and serve as a wake up call to large corporations and people in general? I certainly hope so. I don't want to have to wait for a grander tragedy to destroy more lives and cause harm to the world, like the climate crisis. Continue to read the rest...

I applaud the companies and individuals who are trying to make a difference by going green- supporting alternative energy sources, biodegradable products, low-emission vehicles and products, and so forth. GM revealed the Chevy Volt a couple of days ago which is a vehicle like the Prius (hybrid), but more advanced and efficient in several ways.

This leads me to wonder if the economic troubles will halt the development of these projects. My guess is that it won't effect the developments much at all. Taking into consideration how competition and technology works, more companies will take advantage of the new market by adding a piece of their own.

It's pretty upsetting when I open a news website and the first thing I see is how companies are cutting jobs, outsourcing, and losing profits. As far as I'm concerned, investors aren't investing much at all these days. If a company was to dedicate its resources to new technologies and general advancement of their business, it would make things easier for us, investors, and the economic stature.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that companies and individuals have the ability to make a difference in this world right now?