I was cleaning my room earlier today and I realized how much useless junk I have. Everything from packaging, old letters, movie tickets, birthday envelopes, little toys, etc. Throughout the years of collecting, I've developed many ways of storing them efficiently around my room which has turned out to be a great skill. As much as these things mean to me, I need to cut the emotional connection and get rid of them.

I have a vision of living in a home that's modern, uncluttered, and open. After putting some thought into this, I've come to the conclusion that the origin of this "problem" is my home environment. I have an extremely small desk (3 by 1.3 feet), with a 24" iMac. I would love to get a larger desk, but there are two twin size beds 2 feet behind where I sit, and one queen size right next to them.

Soon, I plan to do a bit of remodeling in my room by getting a new shelving system, and possibly getting bunk beds to gain some floor real estate. Some time in the coming weeks, I would like to go through all of my belongings and clear things out. The future always has new things in store for us, so there won't be a shortage of things to reminisce later on in life.

Being sentimental can be a good thing where I can "go back in time" by finding an object with historical meaning to me. I always say that it's important to remember the past, and being sentimental is just one of the ways. Now I must ask; Are you sentimental, or not? I'd also like to know why, and the things you feel when you do or don't get rid of something that that's technically worthless.