Hundred Pushup challengeA couple of weeks ago, I added a button to my sidebar linking to the hundred pushup challenge. Last night, I proudly began my 4th week of the 6 week program, and things are moving along quite nicely. Naturally, I have noticed increased mass and definition on my upper body (pectorals, arms).

The goal of this is for me to be able to execute 100 consecutive pushups. Now, if that isn't something you can boldly boast about, I don't know what is! Most people can't even do 10 pushups, shamefully. After canceling my gym membership, this is one of my stay-at-home commitments that's easy to follow.

If you want to start getting in shape and require some direction, this is the perfect way to begin. You will increase your core strength by a tremendous amount, while working out your chest, arms/shoulders, and abs. Remember, always stretch before and after working out. Stay hydrated at all times and eat right!

After I complete this program, I will attempt to reach a point where I do 100 consecutive pushups each night. Then I will move on to conditioning the rest of my body, including abs and back.

Visit the Hundred Pushups website and join the challenge!