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Now a Part of the 9Rules Network

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 12:21 pm

About a week ago, One Fused Life was accepted into the 9Rules Network. 9rules is a community of blogs with topics covering the whole spectrum of the blogosphere. Members and readers from around the world "can connect, build relationships, and learn new things." When 9Rules first started back in 2003, they followed a set of 9 rules that stuck along to the present day:

  1. Love what you do.
  2. Never stop learning.
  3. Form works with function.
  4. Simple is beautiful.
  5. Work hard, play hard.
  6. You get what you pay for.
  7. When you talk, we listen.
  8. Must constantly improve.
  9. Respect your inspiration.

I always wanted to be a part of 9Rules even when One Fused Life was just an idea. I have discovered great content, bloggers, and learned so many different things from people sharing their thoughts and experiences. I am honored to finally be a part of the network that I respect.

On another note, this is the 100th post on One Fused Life and I am glad to be celebrating it in this fashion. This encourages me to be more active, write quality content, and share my wealth of knowledge with all of you. Throughout the past 9 months, One Fused Life has received several thousand unique hits per month. I want to thank all of you for the support and I hope you stick around for the exciting things that are to come!

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The Economy is in Trouble, Now What?

Posted on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Just a few days ago, the stock market took one of the biggest hits since the great depression. People cried, panicked, and were filled with worry. When one of the largest corporations in the world files for bankruptcy, everybody living in America and elsewhere are effected.

Thousands of jobs lost, lives ruined, billions of dollars gone to waste. What are we to do when we face such challenges? The hopeful thought would be for CEOs to get together, stop being greedy, and give back to the people that need it most. It's true, if companies cared more about being great at what they do, and profits were just an added bonus, we wouldn't have these kinds of situations occur as they do.

People say "tragedy is one of the only ways change is initiated." Is something like this enough to make a difference and serve as a wake up call to large corporations and people in general? I certainly hope so. I don't want to have to wait for a grander tragedy to destroy more lives and cause harm to the world, like the climate crisis. Continue to read the rest...

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NYC Offers $200 in Exchange for Illegal Weapons

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2008 at 1:06 pm

Waking up to this kind of news is pleasing to hear. What I don't understand is why it's not promoted on a larger scale. Throughout 1999 and 2000, over 1200 weapons were collected, and gun violence was noticeably reduced. Local police stations offer $100 in exchange for guns, which is pretty decent as well. If reducing gun crimes, and the general dangers from having access to a gun is not important enough to promote it, I don't know what is.

I haven't seen a single advertisement on TV or in the subway, which means that it's poorly advertised. I would be more than glad to design posters and newspaper ads for this, encouraging people to be safe! Taking illegal weapons off the streets should be the priority of all cities and government, and there's no better way than cash incentives. People love cash.

I think I am going to work on some ads promoting gun safety, just for fun. Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to view your thoughts.

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The Effects of Being Sentimental

Posted on Sunday, September 14th, 2008 at 5:01 pm

I was cleaning my room earlier today and I realized how much useless junk I have. Everything from packaging, old letters, movie tickets, birthday envelopes, little toys, etc. Throughout the years of collecting, I've developed many ways of storing them efficiently around my room which has turned out to be a great skill. As much as these things mean to me, I need to cut the emotional connection and get rid of them.

I have a vision of living in a home that's modern, uncluttered, and open. After putting some thought into this, I've come to the conclusion that the origin of this "problem" is my home environment. I have an extremely small desk (3 by 1.3 feet), with a 24" iMac. I would love to get a larger desk, but there are two twin size beds 2 feet behind where I sit, and one queen size right next to them.

Soon, I plan to do a bit of remodeling in my room by getting a new shelving system, and possibly getting bunk beds to gain some floor real estate. Some time in the coming weeks, I would like to go through all of my belongings and clear things out. The future always has new things in store for us, so there won't be a shortage of things to reminisce later on in life.

Being sentimental can be a good thing where I can "go back in time" by finding an object with historical meaning to me. I always say that it's important to remember the past, and being sentimental is just one of the ways. Now I must ask; Are you sentimental, or not? I'd also like to know why, and the things you feel when you do or don't get rid of something that that's technically worthless.

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Completing the 100 Pushup Challenge!

Posted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 9:47 am

Hundred Pushup challengeA couple of weeks ago, I added a button to my sidebar linking to the hundred pushup challenge. Last night, I proudly began my 4th week of the 6 week program, and things are moving along quite nicely. Naturally, I have noticed increased mass and definition on my upper body (pectorals, arms).

The goal of this is for me to be able to execute 100 consecutive pushups. Now, if that isn't something you can boldly boast about, I don't know what is! Most people can't even do 10 pushups, shamefully. After canceling my gym membership, this is one of my stay-at-home commitments that's easy to follow.

If you want to start getting in shape and require some direction, this is the perfect way to begin. You will increase your core strength by a tremendous amount, while working out your chest, arms/shoulders, and abs. Remember, always stretch before and after working out. Stay hydrated at all times and eat right!

After I complete this program, I will attempt to reach a point where I do 100 consecutive pushups each night. Then I will move on to conditioning the rest of my body, including abs and back.

Visit the Hundred Pushups website and join the challenge!

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Sony’s “Designed for Walkman” Badge for Accessories – Trying too hard?

Posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 10:38 am

Sony - Designed for WalkmanSony's true intentions with this marketing move makes me wonder. Clearly, their marketing teams are aware that they are over 3 years late on the whole "designed for..." accessory branding bandwagon. Maybe this was done just for the heck of it, to test the waters on what kind of response they would get. If exposure is what Sony is after with this new accessory tagging, they won't be getting much of it with a 2% market share.

To put it straight out, Sony has been in the market long enough to make whatever business decision, and for it to be completely okay. Their experience in the field is extensive, but the current position is 4th from the top. Honestly, I have NEVER seen a Sony Walkman accessory in a retail store. Have you?

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Life Update: September, 2008

Posted on Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 10:17 am

Classes are back in session, professors are great, and things are looking pretty bright with academics. After taking the first part of a physics course last semester, I know now that the reason why I got a C was because they couldn't teach well (to me, at least). This time the professor's method of communication is superb and actually makes things interesting. It all depends on the instructor, after all.

If you noticed in the column below the categories, I added a button confirming my participation in the Hundred Pushup challenge. This is a 6 week workout plan designed to help you achieve the goal of doing 100 consecutive pushups. I've always wanted to do this so I jumped right to it and started the next day. Tonight, I completed my 3rd week of training and things are going well (I can now do 50!).

Continuing on with the idea of staying fit, a friend and I have been looking into a gym with a swimming pool. Swimming, as you may know, provides a workout to your entire body, and we figured it was the best bet. I must admit, after watching Michael Phelps during the Olympics, I'm all hyped up about getting back in the water. Continue reading for more...

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5 Easy Steps to be Green at Home

Posted on Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 12:33 am

If you're serious about going green, here are some easy steps you can take to make it happen. Yes, installing Fluorescent bulbs throughout the home and driving a hybrid can do a lot, but some of these you may not have thought of.

  1. Hitting the right water temperature: Things like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, and so forth require a lot of water. Of course, we all love the soothing hot water as we bathe, but a nice warm temperature does just fine. Avoiding hot temperatures takes it easy on the boiler, which results in a smaller oil bill. This may not be the case for apartment dwellers, but taking it easy on the building's boiler can help on overall energy consumption (tell the neighbors!).
    Sub-Tip: You jump in the shower and turn the hot and cold water knobs to steady flow. The temperature is too cold, so what do you do? Instead of ADDING more hot water, try lessening the amount of cool water flow. This will save water, and the amount of heat generated by the boiler.
  2. Shut off and unplug: Done charging something? Unplug it. Not using computer speakers? Shut them off. Putting the computer to sleep? Shut it down. Don't charge something unless it needs charging. On top of that, keep chargers unplugged since they use up energy even though nothing is charging. Easy solution to most problems: A power strip/surge protect, something you should already have. Sleep/Stand-by mode still wastes energy, don't do it!
  3. Saving those plastic bags! Whenever you get plastic bags, save them! You never know what you can use them for. Yes, they make great garbage bags but they're terrible for the environment. Instead, try BioBags! For things like groceries and general carry-around stuff, cloth bags work best. They can be found everywhere for cheap prices so don't go saying they're too much or they're hard to find.

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