Graduation Cap1. Life Management
Moving away to college usually means that you're gonna have to make some changes in your life. Whether you move into a dorm or an apartment, time management is going to be more essential than ever. If you live on your own, you will be responsible for cooking all the meals throughout the day, studying, homework, cleaning, laundry, and paying the bills (most of the time).

All of a sudden, managing and taking care of things become a requirement that you're probably not used to after living with Mom and Dad. Having a job while away to college also makes things more difficult to keep up with. I know some people who got it pretty easy with all this stuff, but a lot of them said it took some getting used to. Continue reading for the rest...

2. Social Benefits
No doubt, moving away to college can be a rewarding experience when it comes to meeting people of all kinds. In life, networking (aka, who you know) is probably one of the most important things. On top of making great friends that can help you in all sorts of things, they may be beneficial in the future, especially if you share similar interests.

In life, there are always people who know things you don't. That means that the potential to learn and expand your knowledge and connections is superb. On top of all this, making friends with similar interests will probably keep you from getting bored, too. Oh, another thing to mention; When you have a group of friends, getting things you need through borrowing becomes a whole lot easier.

3. Money, Work, Financial Support
Yes, money is going to be biggest issue when moving away to college. With it, you'll be able to eat, pay bills, put a roof over your head, pay for general life things, and more. So it comes down to this; your parent(s) (or some rich relatives) would have to provide you with these finances, and/or find yourself a job. What a lot of people end up doing is start living on cup noodles and other junk food which puts their health at risk. Nutrition is a big part about living alone. If you get sick or injured, somebody is gonna have to pay the bills.

Getting scholarships and financial aid may or may not be an option for you, but every penny helps. Integrating work with your academic studies, plus general things in life (like health), things will start to get complicated. If you're planning on moving away, make sure you prepare yourself for a whole new experience.

Things to remember...
You might not like it, even after giving it a long fair shot. Always have a place to go back to when all else fails (ie; home). When moving into a dorm/apartment, you'll have to do a lot of shopping. Home supplies aren't magically provided to you. Be prepared to start taking care of yourself - some people don't properly grasp this idea and go through a withdrawal and get homesick.

Personally, I made the choice of staying local. The advantages are great; saving money, keeping my old friends, city familiarity, less stress (in some cases), and so forth. The choice may be a hard one to make for some of you, but a breeze for others. Which path are you gonna make? I'd like to know.