So here it is. Another installment of my soon-to-be-famous Random Thoughts. What goes on through your head, I'd like to know. Are my thoughts so different from yours?

  • I bought a 30-day Unlimited Ride metro card for $81. I better take advantage of it!
  • Reading a book about the devil visiting the every day streets of Moscow can be quite interesting.
  • Need to renew the passport. I couldn't get my driver's permit because of that! Hmmph!
  • I started working on a new website design. Coming along quite well. Stay away from blue! I use too much blue!
  • I should get some breakfast...morning fasts are not cool.
  • How the heck did my friend's car's transmission blow out just out of nowhere? Now I have to go and help push the damn thing to a shop!

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  • I should write another tutorial and post it asap.
  • I wanna make a short film using my Flip Video camera - Starring me. Haha!
  • My desk/workspace is a complete mess. I don't want to clean it up.
  • I think I'm too addicted to Social networking sites (ie. Plurk).
  • How often does counterfeit money go unnoticed at the deli or grocery shop?
  • Every time I watch horrific torture videos of animals and slaughterhouses, I want to become a vegetarian. But I love meat. 🙁 What about you?
  • I should start reading my CSS Mastery book, finally.
  • Speaking of books, I want an eReader! Amazon Kindle, or Sony's eBook thingy...?
  • I want some Red Lobster. Never had it before.
  • I wonder why I'm sitting here making a list of random things when I should be out doing 25 other things.