Humans are born to be mind readers. It's a trait of the species that is as helpful as a parachute attached to a freefaller jumping off a plane, but as damaging as a kick in the gut by an angry horse. By the slightest change in the tone of someone's voice, we are able to figure out that something is not right. The strange transition of one topic to another, you question. One may ask himself if it's a lie, expression of distrust, or an uncomfortable subject matter.

Everyone performs both of these tasks on a daily basis: You see others doing it around you all the time which often leads you to some type of suspicion. You change your speech and tone in a conversation for various reasons when you're either uncomfortable or nervous. How does this come in to play with real world (and serious) situations? More after the jump...

Mind reading should not be taken lightly by people. It can be helpful in times when you need it the most; When you're speaking to your boss about a promotion, or to your girlfriend as you try to explain last night's situation at the guys' night out (same can apply to you, ladies). Emotional tension between people can occur at any time, and those who tend to predict and understand what the person in front of them is thinking/feeling, are the ones who usually bode well with the situations.

In terms of relationships, being a good mind reader can be an essential trait of the partnership. Being able to tell when something is bothering your spouse without any verbal queues can bring out the best in us to do what's necessary to cheer them up. Say your wife comes home from a long day at work, and she's acting a bit different than she usually is - you'd clearly know that something is not right, and that something is bothering her. The soothing words of a loved one can mean the world to someone that's in need of social support.

What else can mind reading be helpful in? Say you're giving a presentation or some kind of a speech in front of a group of people. By studying the behavior of your audience such as their body movement (fidgeting, etc), eye contact, and communication with others around them, you can adjust your speech accordingly to regain control.

Another aspect this can be helpful in is when you're socializing with people and friends. If you go to a bar or a cafe and start talking to an interesting character, you want to be careful not to scare them away by talking about things that they're not comfortable with. When meeting new people, they subconsciously give you various chances to prove your worthiness to them. If you're talking about a certain subject or ask a specific question they're not okay with, efforts would be made to change the subject. Some people fail to realize that avoidance usually means that he or she is not interested in the matter.

If you're hanging out with a bunch of guys or girls and you notice one of them acting strangely throughout the day, you'll know something is up. If you notice this type of behavior, try to ask what's up. Due mind, sometimes they won't want to talk about it, and other times they will explode into chatter about what's wrong.

In conclusion, mind reading is a key factor to good communication and working your way up the social ladder in life. Whether it's a loving relationship, or an advancement in your career, knowing and feeling what other people are is very important.

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