Eden, Organic Shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

It's not so often you hear about a 100% organic clothing shop opening in your town. Treehugger reports that "Eden" has opened its doors about a month ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil that does just that. All articles of clothing in this shop are made with organic cotton, and the shop goes as far as having its furniture made using bamboo and demolition wood.

Promoting organic cotton shouldn't be a rarity, but instead, it should be something more companies pay attention to. YD Confections and Coexis is the company in charge of the Eden brand and they work with manufacturing organizations in the field to produce sustainable materials.

According to the World Health Organization, about 20,000 deaths occur due to pesticide poisoning. On top of it all being a danger to humans, the environment takes a toll as well. Check out Treehugger's guide to Organic Cotton.

I'd like to see these kinds of stores opening up in New York City. I'm sure the fashion world would give this idea a nice big hug!