Yin YangI've mentioned a number of times in the past that I love Mixed Martial Arts and now I am finally getting into it. I have to modify my school schedule in order to join to the MMA school that I'm planning to attend. When I was younger I used to take Shotokan Karate for around 3 years and even after that, I remained interested in martial arts and all forms of styles including grappling, boxing, kickboxing, etc.

I am currently scheduled to take 5 classes during this semester of college, totaling 15 credits. In order to stay fulltime, a minimum of 12 credits is required and I will be dropping one class to give myself more time. The class that I am dropping will free up A LOT of time and will allow me to do more things. I will have all morning and afternoon classes with Thursdays free.

So yes, this is big change in my life. In the past, I've always concentrated on school first, but now I realized how important it is to cater other things too, especially at my age. I also mentioned in the past that getting my Driver's License was one of the items on my 2008 Resolution list. I'll keep you guys updated with how all these things develop.

Question for you: Are you taking any sort of Martial Art now, or have done so in the past?