Graduation CapThere are lots of advantages of going to college and getting your bachelor's degree. With the amount of online success stories building up these days, some might think that it's an easy path and skipping college is okay. Going to college has its advantages and the positive factors beat out the negatives any day.

  1. More Money: There's a reason why I put this first. In this world, it takes a decent salary to live comfortably. Anyone can get a job paying just enough to support yourself in a tiny mousehole apartment. Having a college degree opens more opportunities to higher paying jobs, even if your field has nothing to do with what you're applying for.For example: If you have a degree in Philosophy and you've always had a thing for finance, who do you think will get the job when applying, person A or B? A) Somebody who doesn't have a degree and loves finance but has nothing to prove his worthiness or, B) somebody with a college degree who has demonstrated that he/she has devoted time and effort to successfully achieve a goal.
  2. Increased Knowledge & Skill set: College is a period of communication and interactivity with your professors and classmates. The skills you can learn such as a writing efficiently, speaking and presentation skills are vital for career success of any kind. Whether you choose to attend a 2 or 4 year program, you will learn how the real world works. Professors and students share experiences that will sometimes put an end to things you've always wondered about. Professors are there to help - it's their job! Most professors find it self-fulfilling when they truly help a student understand and achieve something great. You don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality education. Little things that are learned during the college experience is what helps people get through certain steps in life. Continue for more...
  3. Security: Having a college degree allows you to communicate and get into conversations without embarrassing yourself. I have observed people without degrees getting insecure and uncomfortable in group conversations when the topic of college came up. Not only does a college degree give you job security, but it also rids self insecurities as you would have a sturdy accomplishment to back you up when needed. A majority of hiring companies look for college degrees when hiring. Even if your field of study has nothing to do with the job, your chances are still much higher than someone who has nothing.
  4. Social Interaction: The social benefits that one can gain throughout their college experience is truly priceless. There is no better place than college to be around like-minded people to share ideas and thoughts with one another. Networking is very important for many reasons because in this world, everyone knows somebody who knows that person that's hiring at their workplace. One other major point worth mentioning is learning how to deal with people. The level of interaction that goes on with different people helps you understand how people think and operate - without this skill, one would be lost. On top of all that, making life-long friends is always a plus.
  5. Student Benefits: In terms of the financial perks of going to college, the resources and price cuts available to you are great! You can get discounts on computers, software and even hardware. Most colleges provide student facilities free of use - which makes computer labs and equipment easily accessible. Personally, I saved over $1500 on the Adobe CS3 Master Collection because of my student status. There are websites like Academic Superstore that serve students well. Companies like Apple give academic discounts on their computers. For a college student, saving every penny is top priority (or is it?). To roughly round this off, there are a lot of groups and associations in most colleges that provide all sorts of aid and benefits to students. Who wouldn't want to learn about real-world writing skills, interview tactics, and resume refinement?

This list may not cover every detail but, overall, the topics that have been covered are pretty imminent throughout a college experience. Note: Not everyone goes through the same thing in college, just as every person interacts differently with various adventures.

If you think there are things worth additing to this list, feel free to add to the comments section below. I'm curious to see how other people view college, and what they think of it. Thoughts appreciated. 🙂

UPDATE 3/11/09: Due to the increased popularity of this article, I have written a followup listing more reasons to finish and/or go back to college. Click here to check it out!