Throughout the last 10 years of the internet, it has grown to be the fastest method of mass communication all over the world. When news breaks, it's usually only a matter of minutes before it's the top story on the top online news sites. Today, social networking and a online communities like MySpace, FaceBook and Digg are responsible for enlightening millions of people via word of mouth.

The speed of the internet is evident in our every day lives regardless the age. Spreading rumors in high schools takes just one person - from that point on it's all "he said, she said" gossip. Speaking of rumors, it's really no different in the technology world. Apple is one of the biggest targets when it comes to rumors and figuring out the latest and greatest that's to come from Steve Jobs.

Email, instant messaging, social networking and bookmarking along with niche websites are responsible for the mass enlightenment of the public. Never before have we had the ability to create our own websites and blogs and write about what we wish, whenever and however we want. This very blog is a prime example of self publishing on the web. I give advice, teach, talk about new technologies and the things on my mind. Continue reading after the jump.

When the World Trade Center incident occurred, people found out about it across the oceans even before some of the people living here in the states. I believe that this is a milestone of the communication era that is still maturing into something more grand.

Net Neutrality is one of the issues that we face today. Companies want to create bandwidth caps and start filtering accessible content on the web. They want to charge more for speedier access to certain sites, and keep and eye on what you browse, and so forth. Personally, I am against this from happening regardless it having some benefits. It's just not right to intervene with the natural development process of the internet.

Mobile internet technologies are also on the rise. The advanced 3G networks in Europe and Asia are far superior than a lot of people's connections here in the Americas. Companies like AT&T and Verizon are on top of their game deploying high speed network technologies to keep up with the rest of the world. In about 3 years from now, video conferencing will be as easily accessible as voice conferencing. More tasks will be completed "on the go" than ever before. The iPhone 3G, I believe, is a very good example of where the mobile market is going. Nearly everything that I am able to do on my desktop computer, I can do on my phone.

With this level of growth and development, who will ever have to wait until they get home to check their email, news, stocks, weather, and perform nearly any task you can think of?

Productivity has also hit a big mark in terms of getting things done. More people today are able to work remotely from their homes on their own time. Freelancing has also taken off - Online communication is as simple (if not simpler) than getting things done over the phone or in person. I will post links to some online resources that I believe are helpful and good to know.

What are your thoughts about the internet and technology as it is today and where we're headed? Opinions and thoughts greatly appreciated. 🙂