Plurk CreatureThe trend of micro-blogging and documenting people's lives on the internet is getting bigger by the day. Plurk is the latest player in the game, joining Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku.

Plurk is pretty much does the same thing as the other services, except this time, with style! The biggest thing that sold me was that all "Plurks" are displayed on a scrollable timeline. Replies are threaded which makes it a lot of easier and better than Twitter in terms to keeping up.

One thing I noticed is that Plurk is more conversational than Twitter since it's easier to make every message you post turn into a mini chatroom. You're given "Karma" points for being active; replying to plurks, adding friends, uploading a custom profile picture, and more.  Continue reading to see the profile screen, and more!

Plurk Customize Menu

These guys have a pretty unique approach for customization. Depending on the amount of Karma points, you can choose different creatures to represent your Plurk timeline. Other than that, you can customize the color scheme of your profile page, but it's limited as to how much you can do.

There's currently no API for Plurk and it would be pretty interesting to see what people do with it. The interface here is definitely worth checking out.

I've been playing with Plurk for a few days now and so far, it's pretty cool. I'd like to see how this develops. For now, I'll be sticking with Twitter because it's a lot simpler, and I have it integrated with this blog. Follow me!