June is usually a decent month for me. The school semester is over and I have a nice long 3 month vacation from school. This is usually the time where I enjoy myself and put aside all the hard work and stress. I have yet to come up with a good place to travel to this summer, but I'm thinking San Francisco. I also have a few tutorials that I started working on; one of them showing how to recreate the Fox 5 logo.

During the month of May, I thought I would have more time to write, but finals and other happenings required too much time. There are a lot of things that I will cover this month that relate to Psychology, Technology, Design, Apple, and the Internet.

In terms of health and wellbeing, this is the month I will start making regular visits to the gym. It's about time I burned off the extra few pounds I've gained in the last few months. I also need to take my bike to the shop to get it fixed up; a couple of friends and I are planning to start biking around the city. So far, this is sounding out to be a pretty fun month.