ParkourFor a couple of years now, I've been interested in Parkour, an athletic discipline dedicated to moving fluidly through your environment using only your body and the obstacles in front of you. Some people call it crazy, while others think it's child's play, but I look at it as both. Training yourself both physically and mentally to perform certain things takes a lot of dedication and confidence. Once one gets a hang of the basics, it's all fun times from there.

I was first introduced to Parkour a few years ago after watching some videos online. I was always into this type of activity as it always got me excited and made me want to do it myself. It wasn't until more recently times where I actually started going to the park and other open places to practice Parkour and feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. More after the jump...

It's unfortunate that there aren't many people who understand what Parkour is about, but on top of that, it's an advantage of its own. Being part of a group of Traceurs (those who perform Parkour) gives you a sense of belonging and pride. Personally, school and work have gotten in the way, but I plan on getting back into some time this summer. I not only feel excited when I go running, but it also forces me to stay in shape and gain complete control of my body.

Now, that's Parkour. What about everything else? I also like to take part in other physical activities whenever I get a chance. Every now and then I shoot a few hoops at the basketball courts a few blocks away. Going to the gym as frequently as possible is also great, and I should start going more regularly as summer slowly creeps in. Summer is usually the time where the most weight gain happens since a lot of people tend to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities.

This is the perfect opportunity for especially younger people to get into the habit of staying active, being healthy, and strong. Work out, play some sports, jog at the beach, or anything that excites you!

A good place to visit to learn more about Parkour and Freerunning is

Head over to and search for "parkour" and "freerunning" videos to get a feel of what this is all about. Don't get intimidated by the insane amounts of things that these guys perform, as most of them are pros and have been doing it for a long time. Check out beginning videos and tips. Who knows, you might really get into it.